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Storybrand Links

Below I’m attaching links to 2 websites and one brochure I help create in the last year.

Below each link it’s a description of what I was involved with.

This is my business coaching website. It still needs work since I did not hire a web developer because I want to rebrand both my graphic design shop as well as my coaching business, so I did not wanted to spend much on it. I did the design, copyrighting and development.

This website is from one of my coaching clients. I help her clarify her message using the tools I learned at business made simple.

I suggested some visual changes that were not done to the site.

Subaru Brochure PDF

One of my clients provides all the training for the Subaru retailers. I’m the head designer for them.

When I got the copy for this brochure I noticed it was designed on a way that was going to be of interest to the main executives and president of Subaru, however the brochure was intended to be at the retailers. And the messaging on the initial brochure was basically “we are here to show you how to do things right”.

I guided my client to create a new brochure copy that would highlight with empathy and authority the retailer’s problems and how the new “Love Promise University” was coming to help them, rather than pointing what they were doing wrong.

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